Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fun Fairs, Anime, Little Mix, McFly, Poisonous Algae & Alton Towers?

Last weekend was a very, very busy one for me. I spent the day on Thursday out with my family at a fun fair about 20 miles away from where I live. That was pretty fun. I taught my little brother how to dance to Mambo No. 5 while on a ride. While my other little brother was screaming, "We're all gonna die!" while on one of those small caterpillar rollercoasters for kids. Both of them are terrified of the waltzer. Quick side note, they're both going to Flamingo Land on Saturday. Yeah.

We didn't go on much, nor did I win anything. Although I did catch a Yoshi teddy on the claw grabber things, but it dropped it at the top - obviously. But it was fun none-the-less. Me and my little brother (not the one who's scared of the caterpillar) went on the go-karts with about 6 other kids. Lets just say I started in last, and finished in first. Almost lapping my little brother too! One of the kids hit me into a barrier at one point though. Little shit.

Anyway once the day was over, I left my family and traveled another 25 miles down to my girlfriend (Jen)'s house, where I spent the night. Friday wasn't very eventful. Spent most of the day in bed, or watching TV then went out with Jen to meet some friends. That's it. That's the story of Friday.

Then came Saturday. I had to be up early to go to an anime convention... in Middlesbrough. That's 40 miles away from my friend's house (I spent the night at his house seeing as he was going to it too). Car journey there and back. Oh, did I mention it was a two day event? Car there, car back, car there, car back. That's 160 miles in 2 days.
The convention I went to was a - as I said - 2 day event on Saturday and Sunday called OneCon. It was really, really good for a first year con. The idea of OneCon was to be the revival of another con called NemaCon. I went to Nema last year, and it was without a doubt, the best weekend of my life. Now I'm just imagining Homer from The Simpsons saying, "Best weekend of your life so far." Anyway, stuff happened with Nema which I won't get into here that meant it could no longer be ran. OneCon then appeared. They were hoping to start Nema again from scratch, and just not do what Nema did wrong.

On the first day, we kinda just wandered around and had a look at what there was to do, getting used to the venue, we didn't do much. Although we did go to a martial arts in movies workshop, that was pretty fun. Here's a video that you should definitely watch 'cause I'm in it. I'm the Slenderman wearing the Jake hat fighting Link. We didn't really know what to do then, so we sat down and just waited for something to happen. And then, something did. The guy running the anime screenings popped through a door and told us he was just about to put on a (relatively) new anime and asked if we wanted to come in before anyone else. So we did, and the anime showing turned out to be Attack on Titan - an anime I've been meaning to see for a few weeks now.

Then, seeing as I'm not 18 - I am in four weeks though, which is annoying - I couldn't go to the after party. Which sucks, 'cause the after parties are one of the best parts of the cons. So, we took the 40 mile journey home.

Sunday, was a much better, and much busier day. First of all, there was nothing happening, so we went to the games room and played on some 007: Golden Eye until we were bored. Then went into the main hall for their 'Speed Cosplay' contest. If you don't know what speed cosplay is, you basically have a pile of fabrics and other materials like tape, string, glue ect, and you have 10 minutes to create a cosplay from a certain category. We were very, very lucky. Our category was Adventure Time. So we could have pretty much made any character and probably still won. We chose the ice king.
That's the closest I can find to the full thing. But we won, and got through to the final. We got Final Fantasy as our next category. The team to the left of us got Pokémon, so people naturally voted for them. However, it wasn't up to voting this time, it was a judges choice. We lost. But so did the team to our left! The team to our right won, and I don't know what game they had.

After the speed cosplay, came the skit contest. I love the skit contests, but I won't say anything on it, I'll just leave you with the video of the whole thing.

We went to one more panel called Action Movie Making on a Budget, which was done by the same guys who did the martial arts panel. That was really interesting. But that's just about it for OneCon.

I had to hurry out, I was going to SoundWaves in South Shields, and OneCon had ran an hour late. Put it this way, OneCon was supposed to finish at 5. It finished at 6. It takes me an hour and a half to two hours to get to South Shields from Middlesbrough. The event started at half 5.

After the 40 mile drive to my girlfriend's house, then the 25 miles drive to South Shields, we managed to make it. Well, we missed the first two acts and caught the end of the third; the original plan was to make it just in time for the third.
The acts were, The Vamps, Luminites, Joe McElderry, Little Mix and McFly.
I got there just in time to see Little Mix and McFly, aswell as catching the end of Joe's set. All 3 of which were absolutely brilliant. I have to say though, one of the big reasons I wanted to go is because of the huge crush I have on Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix, hence why she's centered in all of these photos...


I apologize for the bad quality, they were the best I could get without the pictures blurring. Except that last picture, I was just zoomed in fully and it focused on that bloody pink eared hair band in the bottom corner. There aren't any pictures of McFly because my camera died.

Monday, we went to Herrington Park, near Sunderland, about 20 miles away. We just walked around and I recorded some ducks for an animation project I've been thinking about for about a year now. Oh, there was a sign saying that there was some unidentified blue-green algea in the water that posed a severe health risk to humans, so that's fun. I'm hoping to start working on the duck project soon, once I can get a plan for a story and some character ideas. We also went to an ice cream parlor, but that's not important.

I finally took the 40 mile journey home yesterday, and now here I am. I can finally relax.

Until Saturday anyway... I go back to work, then I'm going back to Jen's house and then to Alton Towers on Monday, followed by College on Tuesday! Busy, busy, busy.

Oh! My tickets to see and meet Janet Devlin arrived too! I've been wanting to see her live and meet her for about a year and a half, and I get to do both for my 18th birthday! So excited!

Thanks for reading!

- Jake

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